Why buy bitone node?

Bitone Network is a platform based on blockchain technology, which has a transaction and movement verification system called Participation Test (PoS) that indicates that a person can extract or validate transactions in blocks according to the tokens or in this case the nodes you have.The Bitone protocol has been developed so that only 50,000 tokens

What is our initial offer of nodes?

In order to raise the necessary funds to finance the development of the project and allow the investing participants to position themselves first in the market, we have organized a system called initial Offer of Nodes (INO)- The rest of the projects usually call this system Initial Coin Offering (ICO), except that we do not

How will the commissions be distributed to the owners of Bitone node?

When a traditional company distributes dividends to its shareholders,  it does so thanks to the intermediation of third parties. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to automate this process without the need for intermediaries. The dividends that Bitone Network distributes to all its nodes come from the commissions that users pay when using

How do we differentiate ourselves from similar projects?

We are the first decentralized platform thas focuses exclusively on the interoperability of Bitcoin with the rest of the chains. Most projects with similar objectives compete to connect all the chains, one with another, and allow options such as the jump of a token from one chain to another, the execution of the same

How can I help this project succeed?

Participating in web chat conversations and our Telegram. It would be very useful for us, since you will help us spread the word of mouth project. And of course, you can also contribute by purchasing symnolic amounts of itinerary node. Finally, if you want to get more involved, we are pleased to receive proposals