When a traditional company distributes dividends to its shareholders,  it does so thanks to the intermediation of third parties.

Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to automate this process without the need for intermediaries.

The dividends that Bitone Network distributes to all its nodes come from the commissions that users pay when using network services, such as token exchanges through Bitone DEX, execution of intelligent contracts or damages from other platforms or the sending of anonymous transactions using bitcoin.

Of the total income received, 30% will be destined to the Bitone Network to cover development and maintenance costs of the network, and the remaining 70% will be distributed during each hour to the addresses of the Bitone Miner wallets of the miners, with full frozen units of Bitone node. A part of these dividends will be entered in bitcoin and another in bitone node.

The exact price of the rates will be studied once this platform is developed and operational.